Eagles tight end says he thought Super Bowl winning play was 'an easy touchdown'

Malcolm Jenkins and Zach Ertz said they know how special this win is for Philly.

But the play was reviewed by officials before it was confirmed as a touchdown.

"I thought it was a touchdown all along. I didn't think there was any doubt," Ertz said of the crucial play. "When [officials] were over there for what seemed like an eternity, I was kind of surprised; I thought I caught it at the 5-yard line, I thought I took two steps and I thought I reached for the goal line and I thought it was an easy touchdown."

He continued, "I guess in this league nothing really surprises you anymore in terms of the catch rule, but I thought it was a touchdown all along. I don't know what would happen to the city of Philly if they overturned that one," Ertz said of the team's passionate fans.

"We knew that regardless of what had happened previously in the game that when it came down to the game being on the line and our defense is going out there that we would get a stop," Jenkins said.

Rather than having a big pep talk or huddle with the defense, Jenkins said the players simply went out and made the stop. "We didn't huddle up. Guys just understood that 'Look this is what we need to be a champion and somebody was going to make the play,'" he said. "At the end of the day, somebody was going to be a hero. Somebody was going to make the play; just be ready when your number's called."

"Nobody batted an eye, nobody doubted and we made that play like we've been doing all year. It's just awesome to be able to be in that situation," he added.

Both Jenkins and Ertz agreed that they knew the Eagles had the talent to become national champs despite the team's being considered underdogs all season.

"We said it before the game to ourselves that, tonight, we were going to shock the world, but we wouldn't shock ourselves. All season, we believed in each other. We knew what kind of team we had," Jenkins said.

Jenkins added there is "no city we would rather win the Super Bowl for."

"We understand what this means to the city of Philadelphia," Jenkins said. "We're proud to be a part of it. To be able the to be the ones to bring this to the fan base that has been with us from the beginning, that's believed in us when nobody else did -- this is special."