Ed Sheeran says his new movie 'Yesterday' is better than 'Love Actually'

The singer is a huge fan of the new movie "Yesterday."

"Love Actually" is considered to be a shining example of the romantic comedy genre -- but Ed Sheeran thinks the new movie he stars in is better.

Sheeran plays himself in "Yesterday," a movie about a struggling musician named Jack who wakes up in a world where nobody's ever heard of The Beatles but him.

He then becomes a superstar by passing off their songs as his. In the film, Sheeran takes Jack, played by Himesh Patel, under his wing and helps him navigate fame.

The movie was written by Richard Curtis, who wrote and directed "Love Actually."

Posting a photo of himself with the movie's cast at the London premiere, Sheeran wrote on Instagram, "well done Richard, it’s my favourite of all your films. Though love actually comes super close."

In another post, Sheeran reveals that Curtis originally wanted a different global pop star to star in the movie.

"Richard wanted [Coldplay's] Chris Martin originally but he was busy so they got me instead, but you can’t have everything in life," he wrote. "Go watch it, and tell your mum about it, she’ll like it too."

"Yesterday," directed by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle, opens on June 28.