Elizabeth Hurley on playing an evil sorceress in 'Marvel's Runaways'

Hurley takes an evil turn in Marvel's series "Runaways."

Elizabeth Hurley had a blast playing super-powered baddie Morgan le Fay in the final season of Hulu's "Marvel's Runaways," she told ABC News' Amy Robach on "Good Morning America."

The show centers on five enhanced teens who have fled their homes after finding their parents are super-villains -- but the third season sees them challenged like never before.

"Each of the five teens have some kind of power, but when they meet my character... I have every power," she said with a smile. "So they don't really stand a chance against me."

The role has been played many times before, from the character's origins in Arthurian legend.

"Helen Mirren played Morgan Le Fay in Excalibur with sexy Liam Neeson," Hurley said. "She was fantastic. She spoke Saxon. I speak Latin, but there's still similarities between the characters -- and they're bad!"

Incidentally, "Arrested Development" actress Jessica Walter played the comic version of Le Fay decades ago, in a 1978 TV movie of "Doctor Strange."

As Hurley mentioned, Latin dialogue was a key part of her character in "Runaways," and voicing a dead language has its challenges, she explained -- especially combined with "tutting," finger poses like the ones Doctor Strange does on the big screen.

"Tutting is making witchy signs," Hurley told Robach, but Hurley had to time them with Latin and in the final episode delivered four pages of dialog completely in the Roman tongue.

"I have a lot of witches that are with me, these really hot, sexy girls who are Morgan's sort of entourage. You know, how young people, sometime are faster picking things up? They could tut a lot faster than I could. ...They couldn't get the Latin like I could, though," she said.

"Somehow we had to spout this Latin whilst doing all sorts of these things. I mean, I have to say, I earned my salary that episode, I was sweating whilst doing it. And of course, in a catsuit," she added.

With regards to said catsuit, how does the 54 year-old model and actress look so good?

"I don't really do any exercise per se, but I'm extremely active. Because for me, I've always found when you look around the best bodies are manual laborers when they're young -- before they start drinking too much beer, or eating too much fast food," she said.

"They just have the best bodies, much better than the bodies that go to the gym, Because instead of people picking on certain muscles, they're busy, they're bending the stretching, they're carrying they're moving. Everything they're doing is contributing to the body beautiful. So I try and do as much manual labor as I physically can. I use a chainsaw, I use a hedge trimmer. ... And, you know, you burn a ton of calories and you're using everything [in your body]. And [in the end], you've cut the hedge," she laughs.

Marvel's Runaways' 10-episode third and final season streams today on Hulu.

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