Royal Baby: Expert astrologer shares all about baby's sign and what it means for royal family

Astrostyle's Ophira Edut also shares what it means for the royal family.

The stars have finally aligned, and the new British royal baby is here!

This royal baby may also earn a reputation for being "persistent," Edut said. She added that the baby "might be a little bit of handful as a Taurus kid can demand things their way at times. So prepare to have another strong-willed member of the family."

But there is good news for William and Kate.

"Taurus babies tend to be good sleepers," Edut, who created Astrostyle with her twin sister, said. "They love nice things, food and comfort. They can be also very head strong as they get older."

Kate, who's a Capricorn, and her new baby are both Earth signs, Edut noted.

"When your kids are the same element as you, it can be easier to understand them because you both have the same rhythms," she explained.

But the royal baby joins another Taurus in Kensington Palace -- Princes Charlotte.

"There may be sibling head-butting with the two younger ones until they steak out their turf. A key phrase [for a Taurus] is 'Mine!'"

Still, sibling squabbles aside, the new royal baby should have no problem adjusting to life in the spotlight.

"Tauruses are comfortable with the finer things in life," Edut said.