Garth Brooks talks his Thanksgiving plans with Trisha Yearwood

"She's still going to cook for 20 people, it's just going to be me," he joked.

Garth Brooks is dishing on what's in store for Thanksgiving with his country superstar wife Trisha Yearwood.

During an appearance on “Good Morning America” on Thursday, Brooks said their plans "are going to be the same and totally different at the same time."

"What the deal is -- she's still going to cook for 20 people, it's just going to be me," he said with a laugh.

Yearwood previously told "GMA" that the couple would normally open up their home to many for a "misfit Thanksgiving" celebration.

"In Nashville a lot of people that live there aren’t from there so they can’t get to their families for Thanksgiving," she said. "They just come to our house – so that’s fun."

Although their holiday won't be the same this year due to COVID-19, they still have so much to celebrate. Brooks is releasing two new albums on Friday -- his highly-anticipated 12th studio album, "FUN," and a live album, "Triple Live Deluxe."

One track on the "FUN" album that fans are looking forward to? Brooks' "Shallow" duet with Yearwood.

He said they decided to record the duet after receiving many requests for it on his Facebook Live show.

"When you hear Miss Yearwood singing it's like, holy cow, and pretty cool," he said. "They kept talking about putting it on the record and I told them, 'Of course, we'll cut it for the record,' knowing we were never ever going to put it on the record."

Luckily for fans, the couple decided to go through with it. "The band made it its own and she made it her own," he said.

"It's a beautiful record," he added. "Now all of the sudden it's the single out on country radio for us at the launch of the album, so you just never know."

Check out Brooks' "GMA" performance: