'The Incredibles' stars say the sequel picks up right where the superhero family left off

PHOTO: Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter talk "The Incredibles 2" with "GMA."PlayPaula Lobo/ABC
WATCH 'The Incredibles' stars say sequel brings in 'people from all generations'

It's incredible to think that the masked superhero family of four in red jumpsuits first flew into theaters 14 years ago. But the stars of "The Incredibles 2" said the sequel makes it feel like no time has passed.

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Holly Hunter, who plays Elastigirl, or Mrs. Incredible, and Craig T. Nelson, who plays her animated husband Mr. Incredible, stopped by "Good Morning America" to chat about how the storyline -- and their acting -- picked up right where they left off.

PHOTO: Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, and Huck Milner appear in Incredibles 2.Disney/Pixar
Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, and Huck Milner appear in "Incredibles 2."

"I think that it's fun that the movie picks up exactly where the first one left off," Hunter said. "It's like 15 seconds later [and] the second one begins, even though we're 14 years down the line."

"The movie, really, it brings in people from all generations," she said. "You can go see 'The Incredibles 2' if you're 95 and get a real charge out of it the same as if you're 13."

And although no time passed in the film Nelson admitted he had to work to find his character's voice.

"It had been 14 years and I didn't think we were going to do another one and I kind of forgot -- I didn't even know I was in the first one," Nelson joked. "There was a different vocal register. I had been doing 'Parenthood' and there was a different voice for the guy I was playing and so that was my task."

Despite the time, Hunter said it felt very "familiar."

"When I was suddenly in a room once again in a recording studio and there was Brad Bird opposite me, I don't know, it just was so familiar," the Oscar-winning actress said. "It took us about two and a half years in the recording studio to do the first 'The Incredibles' so to be there again with [the director] just felt incredible like, 'We're back.'"

PHOTO: Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter attend the premiere of Disney and Pixars Incredibles 2 on June 5, 2018, in Los Angeles.Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter attend the premiere of Disney and Pixar's "Incredibles 2" on June 5, 2018, in Los Angeles.

For Nelson however, that familiarity didn't stretch too far past the doors of the recording studio.

"I've had mothers in the grocery store say to their 7-year-old, 'That's Mr. Incredible' and the kid [is] absolutely looking at you like you're crazy or the mother is crazy," he said, adding that the kids inevitably ask him to "'Do something that's Mr. Incredible' And the kid goes, 'Nah.'"

"You know, it's just embarrassing is what it is," he admitted.

For all fans of the super cast of characters, "The Incredibles 2" is in theaters Nationwide Friday.

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