Kelly Ripa fires back at social media troll: 'Anything else?'

Some social media users made a remark about her vacation.

Kelly Ripa on Thursday fired back at a social media troll who did not approve of an Instagram post she shared about her summer vacation.

The "Live with Kelly & Ryan" host, 47, published a photo with her husband Mark Consuelos, captioned, "Something about these Grecian sunsets."

While most of the comments were positive, one person said Ripa took too many vacations and complained about the "Live" repeats.

Ripa replied, "I’m not an anchor, i don’t have the whole summer off, and i work extremely hard. Anything else?"

After fans spoke out in support of Ripa, she was back to her goofy ways, joking, "I was trying to reply in Greek, but it became too difficult. ??"

One fan wrote, "Give Kelly a break people! Kelly has been working since AMC!"

Another said, "So she’s supposed to work 52 weeks a year so you don’t have to see a rerun!?"

This isn't the first time Ripa or her husband have had to clap back at internet trolls.

In March, Consuelos, 47, slammed people commenting on his wife's weight.

"I wanted to take a couple days to weigh in. Probably should’ve earlier arguably. But I wanted to be above it. Well, now I’m not," Consuelos wrote. "I posted this pic of the [woman] I most admire. As a playful tribute to my wife who I’m proud of in endless ways. She works extremely hard in her professional life and her commitment to exercise, healthy diet is admirable and the benefits show.. Yes she’s wearing a bikini at age 47 and will no doubt wear one for many years to come."

He continued, "To all the males that had something negative to say.. I suggest you bring it up with me if ever I’m lucky enough to run into you. I’m going to get back to my vacation now.. thanks for allowing me to express myself."