Mariah Carey helps her daughter with the 'high note challenge'

Monroe, one of Carey's two children, is 8.

If you ever wondered if Mariah Carey's eight-year-old twins inherited her singing talent, we almost had our answer on Tuesday.

Carey uploaded a short TikTok video of her daughter Monroe taking part in the viral High Note Challenge, in which the eight-year-old is seemingly belting out the same notes that made her mother famous.

Monroe even mimics some of her mom's mannerisms, from holding a hand next to her ear to dramatically moving along with the notes.

However, the camera then pans to the side and reveals the truth: the "Vision of Love" singer had been standing off to the side.

"Mommy," Monroe whines when she realizes the jig is up, to which the "Fantasy" singer grumbles, "What?! You said do the high notes!"

Carey, famous for her range, shared the video, which has already racked up millions of views, along with footage of her singing her hit, "Emotions," on "MTV Unplugged" in 1992. That performance came amid public skepticism over Carey's singing ability, and Entertainment Weekly named it one of the year's best.

"Carey's March appearance was a vocal tour de force, proving beyond a doubt that in addition to her breathtaking pipes, she has developed a commanding stage presence," the magazine wrote. "This rare public appearance (now on video) reminded us there was a big-league performer inside that party dress."