Michael Buble's wife Luisana Lopilato defends him after fans criticize his behavior

"I have no doubts who my husband is," Luisana Lopilato wrote.

April 15, 2020, 6:10 PM

Michael Bublé and his wife, Argentinian actress Luisana Lopilato, have been doing a daily Instagram Live show, which features a lot of playful bickering and teasing.

But now Lopilato has defended her husband of nine years after fans took issue with the way he appeared to be treating her during the sessions.

In a lengthy Instagram post, translated from Spanish, Lopilato assured her followers that there's no need to question Bublé's character.

"I want you to know that I have no doubts who my husband is and I would choose him a thousand times more !!" she wrote.

In one clip that's been shared on social media, Bublé, 44, elbows Lopilato, 32, after she interrupts him, and then pulls her to him for a hug. One fan quipped:"I don't know about you, but I saw this and was outraged by Michael's treatment of Luisana, I was seriously 'WTF.'"

Other fans were upset when, during another session, Bublé said, "Honestly, I can't wait till you get to see the divorce on this. 'Cause honestly, I'm telling you right now, if you think this is an act, it's not an act. My God."

It seemed obvious to some that Bublé was just kidding around, but other fans encouraged Lopilato -- who has three young children with the singer -- to leave him. And although Lopilato was offended on Bublé's behalf, she also said she was grateful to have the opportunity to address the serious issue of domestic violence.

"It's very important that we pay attention to these problems...that I am lucky not to suffer," she said in an Instagram story.

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