Neil Patrick Harris shares update from hospital after freak accident

He shared some photos of his injury.

Neil Patrick Harris is recovering after suffering a freak accident in Croatia nearly two months ago.

The actor shared an update after surgery, providing full details on what happened to him, in an Instagram post Tuesday.

"I tripped and hand planted onto a sea urchin almost two months ago while climbing rocky cliffs in Croatia," he explained in the caption. "Most of the tiny spines I dug out myself, but two refused to leave and one got infected. Turns out it pierced through a tendon (see ultrasound video)."

He added that thanks for his doctor and his medical team, he is now "officially urchin free and on the mend."

The actor noted that the "only drawback" is "having to wear this massive hand elevating contraption for the foreseeable future," which he included a shot of in his post.

"All in all, though, I have to say: uni is still delicious," he joked, referencing the delicacy made from sea urchins gonads.

Despite the injury, it seems Harris had a wonderful time abroad -- he shared a video of some of the fun during the vacation in August.

He doesn't seem to be letting the injury slow him down either. He recently visited Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida with family and friends.