Pink vs. the parenting police: Singer hits back after criticism over zoo visit

Pink is not afraid to push back against her critics.

Pink can't catch a break.

Innocent, right? Apparently not to some people.

"I'm surprised you go to zoos," one follower commented. "Animals shouldn’t be in captivity. If it was a sanctuary, that’d be different."

Pink shot back, "I believe in capturing a child’s interest and love for an animal before teaching them about things like captivity. But thank you, the world needed your wisdom today."

"Here’s the thing though...I don’t remember asking you for your opinion or for your help in raising my child," Pink added. "This isn’t the place for a debate. Call CNN or call the zoo."

Fans immediately started to argue among themselves, with most supporting Pink, or pointing out that zoos provide animal conservation and education.

Then the singer posted a few more photos of her kids with some pointed captions.

Under a shot of her daughter and a friend running through sprinklers, Pink wrote, "Here’s a picture of my child running through water. It wasn’t even filtered. What a waste of water. And no helmet? I hope she had sunscreen."

"If she slips and falls she may be traumatized for life," Pink added. "And her mother wasn’t even there. I was..... gasp.... working!!!! In another country!"

Finally, Pink posted another photo from the zoo visit, showing herself and Jameson looking at guinea pigs.

"I would also like to point out that there are GUINEA PIGS in captivity here but they at least go to church like good Christian guinea pigs," she wrote. "Not that all Christians are good. I didn’t mean to offend the non good Christians."