You can relive “Saved By The Bell” right now!

The Bayside High gang’s favorite afterschool spot, “The Max,” has been brought to life at this Los Angeles pop-up shop.

“Good Morning America” got the full tour of the ‘90s-themed restaurant and even caught up with the restaurant's namesake, Max, the character played by Ed Alonzo, himself.

“Almost 30 years later and now a Max restaurant is here,” Alonzo told GMA.

VIDEO: Relive the '90s in this 'Saved by the Bell' pop-up( VIDEO: Relive the '90s in this 'Saved by the Bell' pop-up

Michelin Star Chef Brian Fisher is at the culinary helm serving epic diner food -- like A.C. Sliders, Mac & Screech and Kelly Kapowski Monte Cristo -- named after the show's famous characters.

You can enjoy it all in the main dining room or grab a table in Mr. Belding’s office. (You won’t get detention, we promise!)

The West Hollywood pop-up is currently taking reservations through 2019, so go get your grub on, preppies!

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