Roseanne Barr reemerged on social media to update her fans on her mental well-being and what the future may have in store for her.

Just weeks after her show was canceled following a racist tweet aimed at Valerie Jarrett -- in which compared the former Obama adviser to "Planet of the Apes" -- Roseanne continued to defend herself.

"1) I want u all2 know I'm fine," she tweeted Wednesday. "I've been using this time2 reflect &2 gain insight on what I said & how it was misunderstood."

Though she apologized to Jarrett after the tweet and has since apologized to her "black fans" on social media, the 65-year-old former "Roseanne" star continued to deny that she is racist and added that in her recent free time, she's been watching a documentary on the "Black Power Movement," as she described it.

The cast of "Roseanne."(Adam Rose/ABC via Getty Images) The cast of "Roseanne."

In a flurry of disjointed tweets, Barr also spoke about her future plans, telling fans, "I will begin to speak for myself in media soon."

"My mind went into deep shock and my body too. I see clearly now," she added about the past couple of weeks. "My faith is stronger today than ever before. I have faith in the American people to free their minds & unite."

Barr also thanked fellow comedians, who she says helped her through this difficult time, and revealed some physical issues she believes have developed as a result of stress.

Roseanne's tweets on Wednesday were her first in almost 10 days, when she sounded more apologetic.

"I'm making restitution for the pain I have caused," she tweeted then.

Barr's initial tweet about Jarrett was widely condemned by Hollywood, including her fellow "Roseanne" cast members.

Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf and Roseanne Barr appear in a scene from "Roseanne."(Adam Rose/ABC via Getty Images) Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf and Roseanne Barr appear in a scene from "Roseanne."

Sara Gilbert, who played Barr's daughter on the show, called the tweet, "abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew," and stood by ABC's decision to cancel the show.

One cast member who stayed silent on the issue was her on-screen husband, John Goodman, who told "Entertainment Tonight" that he'd "rather say nothing than to cause more trouble."