Shawn Johnson reveals baby's name and birth details

The former gymnast gave birth to a daughter last month.

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East, who welcomed a daughter late last month, have revealed their baby's name and details around her birth.

Drew Hazel East is named for her father, Johnson revealed on Instagram, adding that the newborn weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces and was 20.5 inches long when she was born on Oct. 29.

Johnson gave birth to baby Drew almost exactly two years after she suffered a miscarriage, and in a separate Instagram post, she revealed that childbirth didn't exactly go as planned.

The former Olympic gymnast was in labor for 22 hours before she had a cesarean section, she said on Instagram.

"I went in with such a stubborn mindset of thinking the only way I could bring our baby into the world was naturally. No meds no intervention. At 14 hours when I chose to get an epidural I felt guilty. At 22 hours when we were told I had to get a c section I felt like I had failed," she wrote. "But after holding our sweet girl in my arms and being told everything went well and she had made it to us safely I could have cared less. My/our world no longer has anything to do with us but everything to do with her. It’s all for her."

Johnson, 27, and East, 28, married in 2016 and were shocked to learn the next year that they were expecting. However, shortly after confirming the pregnancy, it ended. Miscarriage, especially in the first trimester, is common. According to the Mayo Clinic, at least 10% to 20% of known pregnancies result in loss.

"Last time I was just terrified, and now I'm just excited, cautiously, and I'm proud of you, honestly," East, a former professional football player, told Johnson in their announcement video in April. "It's been cool how you shared the story of the miscarriage and inspired millions or spoke to millions and that message really resonated with a lot of people."

Now parents of a newborn, Johnson gushed that she and East have already been transformed.

"I will forever do anything for this girl that I love more than I ever could imagine. A love no one can ever prepare you for," she wrote on Instagram. "@andrewdeast I meant it in the hospital when I said you will forever be my number one but she will now forever be OUR number one together. Thank you to the incredible doctors and nurses who brought our baby girl into the world safely and to the best husband/daddy in the world for being there every step of the way."