'On Their Shoulders': Michael Strahan pays tribute to 5 heroes for Black History Month

Strahan says he owes his career to his uncle, among others.

“I dreamed of being a football player but I never imagined the name Michael Strahan would be printed on the back of a New York Giants Jersey or make its way into the hall of fame,” Strahan said.

Now a co-anchor for "Good Morning America," Strahan said that in all chapters of his career, "I owe so much to all those who came before me."

“My Uncle Ray as I call him took me in and taught me the game," he said. "He would take me into the front yard and teach me pass rushing drills on how to use my hands.”

“[It's] just a great lesson that sometimes the best way to handle things is to just be you,” Strahan said.

“Stuart was able to go in and be himself… He brought us into the studio but made us feel like we were sitting in the living room with him,” Strahan said.

Known for his signature phrase “Boo-yah,” Scott made his first appearance on ESPN in 1993 and immediately began capturing audiences.

“I think he was a man of character," Strahan said. "We were all very grateful to learn and watch the greatness of Stuart Scott."

For so many Black History Month becomes a time of reflection and to celebrate those who paved the way. Strahan is one of them.

“We need to celebrate those who sat in the midst of a storm and remained calm so that we can be part of the greater picture," he said, "and for that I am eternally grateful for those guys."

This piece was originally published on February 1, 2018.