'Stop killing old people': Hilary Duff slams millennials for ignoring coronavirus warnings

The 32-year-old mother of two is home with her children and husband.

March 17, 2020, 10:57 AM

Hilary Duff is not happy with the way fellow millennials are responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

The actress took to her Instagram story to scold millennials who “keep going out and partying.”

“Go home,” Duff says in the video. “Stop killing old people please.”

White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx stressed that "the army of millennials" must be taking "every single precaution to protect their parents and grandparents."

"Right now we need the army of millennials out there doing everything that they can to protect themselves from getting infected because we know a lot of their cases will be mild or asymptomatic, and making sure that they're doing every single precaution to protect their parents and grandparents," Birx said Tuesday in an interview with "Good Morning America."

The 32-year-old mother of two has shared updates from her time social distancing that include working out at her home gym with husband Matthew Koma. The caption of her video reads, “at least I get to be cooped up with a hot dad” while Koma runs on the treadmill.

Duff has also posted videos playing Dominos, watching Netflix and spending time with children Banks and Luca.

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