'Dancing With the Moms' Starts Today

ByABC News via logo

April 24, 2007 — -- Over 1,000 people entered the "Good Morning America Dancing With the Moms Challenge."

Our producers have narrowed the entries down to find 10 amazing moms as semifinalists.

Each week the moms will be given a new dancing challenge. They'll submit a one-minute home video, which you can watch at ABCNews.com.

Then you can vote for your favorite dancer. Each week, two dancers will be eliminated based on viewer voting.

The final four dancing moms will be revealed on May 15. Those four moms will be flown to New York City to train with professional dancers throughout the week.

Beginning on May 21, the moms will face their final challenge -- dancing live on "Good Morning America" until only one mom is left standing.

Throughout the challenge, you'll get an inside look at their tough training, their victories and their missteps with behind-the-scenes videos, photos and blogs from the dancers, their trainers and judges.

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