Backstage Secrets of 'Dancing With the Stars'

As this season of "Dancing With the Stars" winds down, "Good Morning America" went backstage to find out what really goes on behind the scenes and answer some of the most common viewer questions.

What's the secret to the dance floor magic the final couples have?

Marie Osmond talking about partner Jonathan Roberts: The first week that we danced, I don't know him and he doesn't know me. He said, 'Do you want to have a word of prayer before we go out there?' And I said, 'Oh, I am home.' 'Cause I have done that my whole life.

Do they watch the competition dance?

What Julianne Hough told partner Helio Castroneves: I was like, you know what, you're comfortable in your own skin. It might freak you out or it might make you too cocky.

Osmond: It's too late to fix it anyway. Why do you want to make yourself insecure? Just go out and be the best you can be.

What are your predance rituals?

Castroneves: Before I go, the only thing I am thinking about, when I look at her I start smiling.

Hough: Every time we go onstage, I say all right, I go like this… (kisses him on the cheek)… 'Have fun,' and then we go!

Jonathan Roberts: Right before we go on the floor we make sure we make eye contact and I say, 'Marie, it's gonna be OK, you're great, you know the routine.'"

Osmond: That's after I vomited.

Marie, how much weight did you lose and how did you do it?

Osmond: The show provided as great opportunity for me to do the exercise portion. And you know, I went on Nutrisystem.

How many pounds did you lose?

Osmond: It's over 30.

What's in store for the finale?

Roberts: Upside down!
Osmond: No!

Castroneves: Freestyle, it's crazy because it's freestyle. You just throwing her, like … (roars).