Heather Mills Won't Discuss Divorce

Amid British tabloid reports of a $56 million divorce settlement with her husband, rock royalty Paul McCartney, former model Heather Mills is instead focusing on her stint as the first person with one leg to compete on "Dancing With the Stars."

During an exclusive morning show interview, Mills wouldn't talk about McCartney or the ongoing legal proceedings.

Instead, she wanted to talk about her precedent-setting debut next week on "Dancing With the Stars."

"You know what's really funny. … It's kind of balanced up. Because I do a lot of sport, because I'm kind of quite flexible, the things that are normally hard for people to do, I find easy," Mills said.

"But the things that are really simple for people, like just walking in a straight line, I find very, very difficult."

Mills was a 25-year-old model when she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident.

"Police motorcycle chops my leg off, crushes my pelvis, punctures my lung," Mills said.

Now, she's training for the competition in England with her partner on the show, Jonathan Roberts.

"I was like, in a bit of shock. Like, my goodness, what is she thinking," Roberts said about his partner's decision to dance despite her missing leg. "That's actually what went through my mind."

"There's the chance after … lots of dancing that it could just come off," she said. "For me this has been quite a holiday because my life's so megastressful and so busy."

Because of the divorce, Mills has been under intense media scrutiny recently.

"Most of the time, I'm pretty good," she said. "When it's concerning my daughter or anything or very personal to my charity, and it's harming my charity, then I [get] kind of stressed."

Since Mills and McCartney announced their separation last summer, the British tabloids have gone after Mills, printing a string of lurid allegations.

"I don't think the public in general, whatever country it is, are that stupid to believe all the incontinent rubbish that comes out of tabloids' mouths," she said. "It's just so ridiculous that you've just got to laugh at it."

Win or lose, Mills says she's competing in "Dancing with the Stars" to prove a point to people with disabilities.

"What I want to do is show that you can get out there and do anything with an artificial leg. I mean, we've got people with two legs missing running the 100 meters in 11.3 seconds," she said. "I bet you can't run the 100 meters in 11.3 seconds."

As for what Americans think of her, Mills said when it came to the show, it was all about technique.

"Well, it doesn't really matter who I am as a person," she said. "What matters is what they think of the dance."

She's also not nervous.

"I don't really get nervous unless I'm going to meet potential mother-in-laws, so that's not going to be happening," she said.

Mills said her appearance fees from the show would go to an animal rights charity.