10-year-old doing flips in prosthetic leg dazzles millions with her impressive moves: 'I feel like a famous person'

"Jamiyah just goes for it."

A young dancer who wears a prosthetic leg is inspiring people around the globe with her impressive gymnastic routines.

Jamiyah Robinson, 10, showed off her moves this month in a Facebook video recorded by her mom.

The slow-motion footage of the fourth grader tumbling garnered 2.6 million views.

"When she started flipping I was so amazed -- it just blew me away," mom LaShawn Jacobs of Columbia, South Carolina, told "Good Morning America." "I am very very proud of my daughter. She amazes me everyday and it makes me so happy that she's inspiring the world."

Jamiyah was born with femoral deficiency -- a rare condition that caused her left leg to be shorter than the other. When she was 5, she was fitted for a prosthetic leg.

But nothing stopped Jamiyah from keeping up with her three sisters.

For the last three years, Jamiyah has been a member of the dance team Elite Forces of Destruction, who's been featured on the Lifetime show, "Bring It!" And within the last year, she and her older sister have been pulling off gymnastics moves -- a skill that Jacobs said was self-taught.

"When I actually saw my daughter on the dance floor with the other girls it made me cry to see her keep up and live in fearlessness," Jacobs said. "Jamiyah just goes for it."

Jamiyah's gymnastic videos have received thousands of comments on Facebook and nearly 50,000 shares. Jacobs said she's even gotten messages from mothers of amputees who say they feel empowered by Jamiyah.

Jamiyah told "GMA" that she's excited to have "gone viral."

"It feels wonderful," she added. "I feel like a famous person."