Little boy's hilarious take on making friends is all of us

When a 4-year-old has you crying-laughing, you know he's onto something.

Cry-laughing is exactly what you'll be doing once you see Caidyn Bennett’s video on making friends.

"I like Star Wars, he like Star Wars, I think 'cool, this is my new bro.' Then BOOM! The foolishness."

"Off Camera Caidyn's personality is very similar, he has a huge personality and a big vocabulary. He loves people and will talk your ear off," Caidyn's mom, Destiny Bennett, told "Good Morning America." "Sometimes I post candid videos of him just saying random things or talking to me or dad so people can see that this is really 100 percent him."

Destiny says that Caidyn has been making videos for the past year. "We get mostly great reactions from fans/public, people absolutely love his personality and his sassy-ness. We always get comments like, 'I want a son just like him.'"