Breast pumping sign shows 'moms gotta do what they gotta do'

When you're understaffed, the store's gotta close.

February 13, 2019, 4:00 PM

Usually there's nothing more frustrating than going all the way to the store just to find it closed.

But this time is the exception because of a unique sign.

Earlier this month Codey Burghard and her husband Josh Burghard headed to their local dollar store to buy batteries, only to find a sign that read: “Sorry. Had to pump for baby & No 1 else is here. Be back in 30. Thanks.”

Codey Burghard posted the sign to Facebook, where it has been shared 21,000 times.

"I thought it [the sign] was awesome so I snapped a picture of it. I didn't think it'd go viral," Burghard said.

Burghard told "Good Morning America" she went back to the store later and found the woman who posted the sign.

"I went back and told her I thought it was awesome and showed her how many people supported her [online]. She was so sweet and said she was scared but she really needed to pump."

The post was shared on the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk where the comments were supportive.

"Yass !!! Whoever this women is I give her props ??," wrote Jessika Rodriguez.

"Damn! if this wasn’t a 2hr drive i’d swing by & load her up with snacks, bottled water & whatever else to encourage her to keep on pumping!" wrote Jennifer Kay.

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