Couple who had 7 kids after winning IVF raffle hopes to have two more

"God has blessed us with seven miracles."

A couple who were able to conceive seven children though the process of in vitro fertilization are now hoping to add to their large family.

Julie and Lance of Minnesota are parents to Kaitlyn, 9, and three sets of twins, Cody and Caleb, 6, Chelsea and Kelsea, 4 and Caden and Colton, 10 months. Now they want two more children.

In 2007 Julie, 40, and Lance, 39, had the opportunity to receive free IVF treatments through a raffle that they won at a “family building conference” -- a summit where participants attend workshops and hear speakers who discuss the options like IVF and adoption.

In 2007, the couple finished the IVF cycle and wound up with 10 embryos. They conceived their seven children as a result, Julie said.

Their daughter, Kaitlyn, was born in July 2008.

Lance said he thought he and Julie would just have "two or three kids like most people."

"We're very thankful," Lance added.

Julie said she has a message for other couples struggling with infertility.

"It can be very lonely at times and I just want them to be encouraged and to have hope...God has blessed us with seven miracles and we're so thankful for each one of them," she said.

The couple said that doctors will implant the two remaining embryos in the fall in hopes that two babies will be born next summer.