Devoted maid of honor refuses to miss sister's wedding, so she uses a robot to give her speech

And it was amazing.

One maid of honor didn't let giving birth right before the wedding stop her from being the ultimate wingwoman.

Elizabeth Dubow of Denver, Colorado, "walked" down the aisle, delivered her speech and even broke it down with her fam on the dance floor using a robot (think an iPad on a Segway) during her sister's Aug. 11 nuptials in Connecticut.

Dubow had welcomed a baby girl named Corina just six days before the big day and was originally crushed when she couldn't be there in person, she told "Good Morning America."

"Anna was amazing and didn't get mad at me at all, but I think anyone would get upset," Dubow, 34, said of her younger sister, Anna Halperin-Salmon, 31. "We were trying to brainstorm on how [I could] be a part of it."

Halperin-Salmon of Dallas, Texas, told "GMA" that friends gave her and her now-husband the idea to attach an iPad onto a vehicle after seeing something like it on an episode of "The Big Bang Theory."

Halperin-Salmon said she rented a similar robot so Dubow, her husband, Michael, and their new daughter could take part in the festivities.

"[The robot] arrived right before the rehearsal dinner," Halperin-Salmon recalled. "She was rolling around, mingling with everyone, taking pictures ... it was hilarious. It really made our day so memorable."

The groom, Ian Salmon, said his wedding guests got a kick out of the robot and were so thrilled to meet baby Corina via the robot.

"Elizabeth means so much to my wife as a sister and I know there was a lot of fear of what would happen," Ian told "GMA." "It really felt like she was there the whole day. It was unbelievable."

The Salmons are relocating to Denver later this month where they will finally get to meet their niece in person.