Mom attempts world record for fastest 10K with a double stroller

"I hope it does inspire women and other mothers," Rachel Bowling said.

A mom of two may have just smashed a Guinness World Record while crossing the finish line of a 10K with both her babies in tow.

Rachel Bowling, 30, of Ridgeland, South Carolina, ran the LowCountry Habitat for Humanity Resolution Run 10K on Dataw Island, South Carolina, on Jan. 12 in pursuit of breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest 10K with a double pram as a woman.

"I hope it does inspire women and other mothers," Bowling said. "We are fully capable of what the men do, maybe not run as fast, but even just having a baby a little over a year ago, I went out there and broke a record. Set your mind to something and you can do it."

Bowling's feat is still awaiting confirmation from Guinness, but if it is verified, she will have beaten former titleholder Jocelyn Armitage of Blackpool, England, by 2 minutes and 11 seconds.

Armitage held the record with 44 minutes and 45 seconds since July 8, 2018, according to Guinness. Bowling finished the race with a time of 42 minutes and 34 seconds, she told "Good Morning America."

Bowling ran while pushing her daughters, Addy, 3 and Autumn, 1. Her husband Zach Bowling ran alongside her for encouragement but was not permitted to touch the stroller as part of Guinness' rules.

Bowling's brother, Daniel Brubaker, 22, rode his bicycle next to Rachel so he could capture photo and video for evidence to present to Guinness.

"I didn't think one of my siblings would ever break a world record, so it's pretty surreal," Brubaker told "GMA." "I'm extremely proud of her."

Bowling is required to submit video, photo and statements from two independent witnesses including the race director.

Guinness World Records confirmed to "GMA" that they had received an application for the fastest 10K with a double pram (female) category. The organization said its review of applications and evidentiary support can take up to 15 weeks.

Rachel Bowling said she already knows what she would do with the award.

"I plan to frame it and explain it to the girls -- just to say, 'Hey, we held a world record and it wasn't just me!'" Bowling said. "My husband and kids were involved and my brother. It was a family affair. That means a lot rather than just me running fast."