Some people are dog people, and some are not. Some people love kids, and some do not. Some people love their own dog and their own kid, but not so much anyone else's.

All of these things are ok.

But Tiffany Jenkins, a mom of three from Sarasota, Florida, made a video to point out one truth: caring for a dog and caring for a child are not the same thing.

The commenters on her Facebook video, which has been viewed almost a quarter-million times since yesterday, don't necessarily agree.

"A few dog owners are mad at me," Jenkins told ABC News, "but I think they misunderstood the message."

"I wasn't saying 'you can't love a dog the same way you can a child,' because I believe you can," she continued. "I was saying that caring for a dog is not the same as raising a kid. Because, surprisingly, many people jump in the comment section of my 'mom videos' and offer their two cents about what they would or wouldn't do in certain parenting situations, even though they don't have children. Their argument is always 'Well I have a dog, it's basically the same thing.'"

Her video demonstrates it is not.

Her post includes the following:

"1) Never said your dogs weren't your babies people, I get it. I've always gotten it (ahem, my sister). this is directed to those who LEGITIMATELY believe that caring for a dog is the same as caring for babies. If you are NOT one of those people, then it doesn't apply to you, so why you mad?

2)To those of you unable to have children ... This was not towards you. This was to people who believe that caring for a dog is the same as caring for children.

3) Relaxxx ... it's Facebook, it's not that serious. If you don't find it funny, that's cool. I can't please everyone, I've tried."

While far more people seemed to find Jenkins' video funny than offensive, there were detractors.

"I hate posts like this. Do people actually realize the work it takes to raise a well behaved dog? They destroy things, they poop on things, they pee on things, they vomit on things and their food is down right expensive," wrote one. "There is no insurance that covers 100% their doctor visits. So if they get sick on a Sunday, do you know what that means? You better hope you have $100 out of pocket JUST TO GET SEEN AT AN EMERGENCY CLINIC."

But Jenkins said she meant the video to be entertaining.

"The video was a light-hearted play, but apparently it struck a nerve for some," she said. "It's the internet, though, you can't even smile anymore without offending someone."