5-year-old with brain cancer receives his very own World Cup after completing radiation treatment

Ben Williams finished six weeks of radiation treatment.

A sweet moment of a little boy receiving his very own World Cup after completing cancer treatment is capturing hearts across the globe.

Ben Williams, 5, finished six weeks of radiation when staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham presented him with the trophy. The mini-awards ceremony was hosted by Ben's family and doctors and nurses of the radiology department who were wrapped in British flags.

"Ben has just completed his #radiotherapy for a #braintumour, he was unable to walk and talk before his treatment but a week ago he asked for the World Cup, so we delivered," tweeted Liam Herbert, one of the hospital's pediatric radiographers.

Harry Kane, captain of England's national soccer team, responded to the video on Twitter.

"Hi Ben, I've seen your video and you are an inspiration," Kane wrote, using the hashtag, #BensWorldCup. "Carry on fighting and we'll do everything we can on Saturday to keep a smile on your face!"

The footage has been viewed over 900,000 times.