Why a bowl of berries dubbed 'nature's cereal' caused Lizzo to clap back with a blender

The original post by a vegan food blogger in February went viral this week.

March 12, 2021, 11:37 AM

The latest viral food craze on TikTok is a bowl of fruit with fresh coconut water, dubbed "nature's cereal."

A vegan food TikTok creator who goes by the username "Natures Food," shared a video filling a bowl with fresh pomegranate arils, blueberries and blackberries, topped with fresh coconut water.

"This my friends is what breakfast cereal looks like for me," he said in the video posted in February. "My number one thing I notice when I eat this is my energy level -- goes through the roof" when he starts his day with the bowl of fruit.

While there are many vegan breakfast cereal options that can be combined with non-dairy milk alternatives, the fresh fruit approach took off on social media.

From coconut water brands, to food bloggers and even celebrities, check out some of the responses, reactions and riffs on the fruit-forward trend.

Grammy award winner Lizzo, a well-known and outspoken vegan herself, tried the trend but swapped strawberries in place of blackberries and added ice to make the mix extra cold and crunchy.

"Oh," the "Good as Hell" singer exclaimed after having her first taste.

She posted a follow-up with another bowl of the fruit instead of cereal and said, "I'm addicted."

But it wouldn't be a food trend on social media without a little controversy.

Hundreds of commenters have replied with messages that the snack is "just an unblended smoothie" and others clained, "it's just fruit, what am I missing."

But have no fear, Lizzo tackled that topic too, with a response best served with berries, coconut water and ice.

She whirled up the ingredients in a blender, drank it and said, "I'm just glad y'all are getting their antioxidants, hydration and their energy."