Dracarys! Shake Shack culinary director makes new 'Game of Thrones' dragon-inspired burger and shake

Mark Rosati created the mother of burgers and a white walker inspired milkshake!

Delicious burgers and shakes are coming!

Shake Shack unveiled its new "Game of Thrones" menu ahead of the highly-anticipated eighth and final season of the hit show and culinary director Mark Rosati gave "Good Morning America" an exclusive sneak peek at how the spicy new burger and icy milkshake are made.

When thinking about what Thrones fans want out of a Shake Shack burger, Rosati told "GMA" he tapped into the heart of the show -- the mother of dragons and white walkers.

"One of our favorite parts of the whole show is the dragons," Rosati said. "Danerys is the mother of dragons so we wanted to create the mother of burgers and play off the fieryness of the dragons. So we created a very spicy version of our ShackSauce, our culinary DNA, and added hot sauce and scallions in there to play up the heat."

The Dracarys Burger, or Drakaro Parkliapos as it's called in Valyrian, is made with two locally sourced all-beef patties, Monterey Jack cheese, double smoked Niman Ranch bacon and smothered in a serious spread of spicy ShackSauce, all piled on a perfectly toasted potato bun.

"It's definitely gonna give you a nice burn in your mouth and that's the whole idea behind it," he said of the specialty burger. "It's a very big burger, it's almost like the wall if you think about it. Then the shake is a nice cooling point to the burger."

For the show-inspired shake, Rosati channeled another mystical element from the series -- Dragonglass -- which is one of the only known things that can kill the dreaded White Walkers.

"It's a minted white chocolate shake, we thought of the White Walkers, and we top it with our house-made dragonglass," he said. "What's cool about this shake is as the shards of dragonglass starts to melt in you see it bleed into the white shake," he said of the marbling effect.

The culinary director said they kept with the company's commitment to premium ingredients and thoughtful sourcing to create the Dragonglass Shake (aka Zīrtom Perzomy Rholītsos for any die hard Valyrian's reading this).

"We use only the best ingredients possible here, which means all natural sugars and cage-free eggs to make our custard base," he said. "Even some of our mix-ins like the dragonglass is made from all natural sugars."

Shake Shack has an ongoing commitment to Stand for Something Good, and sources ingredients from like-minded ranchers, farmers, bakers and food purveyors. The burgers are made with 100 percent all-natural Angus beef that has been vegetarian fed, humanely raised and source verified.

The specialty shake will be available through May 19 at Shake Shacks nationwide, while the Dothraki delicacy will be available through April 21 while supplies last across New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, D.C., Miami, Las Vegas, Denver, Philadelphia and Boston.

In celebration of the national rollout, Shake Shack will bring the iconic Dragonstone Throne to the West Village Shake Shack in NYC on Friday 4/12. Fans can RSVP online to have a chance to sit on the throne and rule Castle Shack.

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