These heart-shaped Valentine’s Day desserts will spark your creativity

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WATCH Get crafty with these heart-shaped Valentine's Day desserts

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"Good Morning America" is proud to collaborate with So Yummy to share these fun DIY Valentine's Day stories.

Get in the Valentine's spirit with these beautiful desserts you can make yourself.

With these surprisingly simple hacks, you can make elegant and impressive plates for your family and friends or just to treat yourself -- and you don’t need to be a world-renowned chef to pull it off!

All you need are some common household items to get the job done. Watch out world, there’s a new chef in town!

Chocolate Spirals

Ingredients: Tempered dark chocolate

Tools: Piping bag

Tip: Spin a surface or plate while pressing out the chocolate to get beautiful chocolate spirals.

Melted Chocolate with Hearts

Ingredients: White chocolate, food coloring

Tools: Skewer, squeeze bottle

Tip: Drop the food coloring on the chocolate and use the skewer to swirl together into heart-shaped designs.

Lip-Shaped Frosting

Ingredients: Cookies, frosting, food coloring

Tools: Piping bag, skewer, squeeze bottle

Tip: Spread frosting over the cookies before dropping the food coloring onto it. Then, take a skewer and turn the dots into lips.

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