Unique DIY gift ideas to win your Valentine's heart

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WATCH Win your Valentine's heart with these unique DIY gift ideas by Blossom

Explore our GMA Valentine’s Day guide with DIY ideas, gift picks for your Valentine or Galentine, romantic dinner recipes and more.

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"Good Morning America" is proud to collaborate with So Yummy to share these fun DIY Valentine's Day ideas.

These DIY Valentine's Day gifts are outside the box and will keep your Valentine guessing!

Chocolate Concealed Gift Card

Materials needed: Brownie pan, brown sugar, photo frame, melted chocolate, white chocolate chips, foundation brush, plastic gift bag with twist ties

How to make: Place brown sugar in a pan and use a picture frame to make an indent in the middle of the sugar. Place white chocolate chips in the shape of a heart over the indent in the sugar.

Then, pour melted chocolate over the indent. Put a gift card in the chocolate and cover it with more chocolate. Let it freeze and later remove to reveal your chocolate-covered gift card.

Valentine's Umbrella Mobile

Materials needed: Umbrella, fishing line, various love notes and photos

How to make: Use fishing line to tie photos and notes to the inside of an umbrella.

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