How this sushi chef recreated Baby Yoda with salmon, rice and seaweed

Grogu, who was first known as Baby Yoda, was the inspiration for a new roll.

The small, green "Mandalorian" star who quickly became a pop culture icon now comes in maki form.

Alexis Morgan, head sushi chef at Wave Asian Bistro and Sushi in Mount Dora, Florida, transformed Grogu, aka "Baby Yoda," into an edible salmon sushi roll.

"Sushi is more than food, it’s art. She takes great pride in her work and representing Wave as head sushi chef," the restaurant's owner, Jonathan McKinney, told "GMA." "We’re known for pushing the envelope of traditional sushi. We serve items such as sushi donuts, sushi hotdogs, sushi burgers, sushi pizzas, sushi tacos."

The restaurant's social media manager Kelly Leech has collaborated with multiple food influencers to help bring new ideas to life in the kitchen.

"This Baby Yoda, or Grogu, sushi roll idea came from our good friend Christina Petsos," McKinney said. "After we uploaded the initial post, it gained massive attention from 'Star Wars' and 'Mandalorian' fans."

He hailed the passionate, self-taught sushi chef, saying, "Chef Lex has been with us for over a year, and with her ability to create on a whole different level and Kelly’s ingenuity, we’ve really been able to do some cool things and we pride ourselves in the ability to make these characters out of sushi and other sushi challenges come to life."

Beyond the latest hit menu item, Wave has also crafted several oversized food items with YouTubers, like a giant 16-pound sushi donut, giant bento box and a giant sushi boat made entirely of sushi and topped with sushi.