All the wine and booze-infused frozen treats to try this summer

From gin and tonic sorbet to rose push pops cool down with these treats!

From wine ice cream to cocktail freezer pops there are so many adult-only treats to try this summer!

Frozen cocktail push-pops

Buzz Pop Cocktails has created "an adult push-pop with a healthy twist."

The chef-inspired frozen alcoholic sorbet treats are made with 15 percent "top shelf" liquors, according to the company's website.

Buzz Pop Cocktails are vegan, gluten free, fat-free, made with seasonal fruits and under 100 calories each. The no-sugar added tube treats can be purchased online in eight-packs and are shipped to 48 U.S. states.

There are currently eight flavor offerings on the site ranging from Southern Belle to Pink Paradise. Others include watermelon patch, which is made with vodka or rum; Moscow mule made with ginger, sugar and vodka; Mango passion fruit that's infused with tropical flavors; and rum and blueberry mojito made with tequila, pomegranate and of course, blueberries.

Wine ice cream

Mercer's Dairy dishes up a variety of ice cream flavors but perhaps the most unique are its wine-infused options.

With flavors from Red Raspberry Chardonnay to Chocolate Cabernet and Strawberry Sparkling, Mercer's offers eight varietals of the boozy desserts in blush, white, sparkling and red.

The upstate New York-based ice creamery is 100 percent female-owned and sells the popular wine-infused ice cream directly online and in store.

Frozen cocktail ice pops

Slim Chillers created a fun twist on a traditional ice pop that's perfect for an over-21 crowd called Skinny Freezers.

The low-calorie cocktail pops come in four flavors: cosmopolitan, appletini, watermelon lemonade and lemon drop.

Fans of the fruity frozen pops can purchase the 100-calorie treats from select Costco, Total Wine and BevMo stores as well as on the Slim Chillers website.

Gin and tonic sorbet

A U.K. based supermarket Sainsbury's turned this classic cocktail into a refreshing low-calorie dessert.

The gin and tonic sorbet with a twist of lime has 2.1 percent ABV as listed on the company's website.

Sadly the alcohol-infused frozen treat is only available in overseas. Prosecco and rose popsicles

FrutaPops come in a variety of alcohol-infused flavors from fruity rosé sangria and lime and ginger Moscow mules.

These adult treats are a cool summer favorite.