Mom-to-Be Says She Had to Kill Attacker

Feb. 13, 2005 — -- A nine-months pregnant Kentucky woman said she had no choice but to fight off a knife-wielding person who police believe was trying to steal the fetus.

Sarah Brady, 26, ended up killing the other woman, 22-year-old Katie Smith, who investigators say had been deliberately deceiving friends and family into believing that she was pregnant. Police determined Brady acted in self-defense in killing Smith, and no charges were filed.

In her first interview after the ordeal, Brady told "Good Morning America" she struggled for several minutes to wrest the knife from Smith before killing her.

"The only thing I thought was that she was going to kill me and my child," said Brady.

Walking Into a Trap

Brady said she had no idea she was walking into a trap when she went to the home of Smith, who allegedly lured Brady to her apartment by claiming she had accidentally received some packages meant for the pregnant woman.

Two days before the visit, Smith -- using the alias "Sarah Brody" -- called Brady and said she had baby gifts meant for her, said police. Smith said she was also pregnant and had signed up at the same baby registry.

Brady stopped by the apartment on Feb. 10, but said she became suspicious when she saw some paperwork with the name "Katie Smith" on it.

"That's the point I knew something was wrong," said Brady.

Brady said she was getting ready to leave when Smith came over to her to give her a hug.

"That's when she pulled out the knife," said Brady.

Struggle for the Knife

According to Brady, Smith threatened to kill her, but she fought back.

"She was able to knock the knife out of her hand and it ultimately hit the floor for a short time," said Fort Mitchell police Officer Steve Hensley.

But police say Smith retrieved the knife and again tried to stab Brady, who managed to turn the knife on her attacker.

"I was able to get the knife away from her after several minutes of struggling," said Brady. "Unfortunately, she was wounded and didn't make it."

Living a Life of Deception

As it turns out, Smith had been living a life of deception, telling family and friends that she was pregnant, say investigators.

Friends and family, and even Brady, said that Smith appeared pregnant.

"She had a pair of khakis and a blue-jean maternity shirt. She was visibly pregnant," a neighbor of Smith's told ABC News.

But police say her pregnancy was a fake. An autopsy revealed Smith had never been pregnant.

"This is an extremely bizarre case," said Lt. Thomas Loos. "Katie Smith has a complete nursery with all the furniture. She has baby clothes, diapers, formula -- everything that a parent expecting a newborn should have."

Police have also uncovered an obstetrics' kit, equipped with gloves and surgical scissors, in Smith's apartment.

Fear Helped Her Fight Off Attack

This incident hearkens back to another grisly baby-snatching in December -- a case where the mother-to-be was not so lucky.

Bobbie Jo Stinnett, a 23-year-old Missouri woman, was strangled and her baby was cutfrom her womb. The baby was later found alive, and Lisa Montgomery, a 36-year-old Kansas woman, was charged with kidnapping resulting in death.

Investigators say if Brady didn't fight back, she and her unborn child could have been killed.

Brady told "Good Morning America" that she feared for her life, and that fear helped her fight off the attack. She called herself "blessed."

"This child is going to bring something wonderful to me," Brady said of the daughter she is expecting. "She was definitely meant to be in this world."