Celebrity Weight Loss Success: Slimmer Figures, New Lives

Some celebrities have dieted – or dieted and exercised – their way to sleek new silhouettes, and their dramatic weight loss has got people talking this summer.

Actress Sara Rue dropped 50 pounds and four dress sizes by pounding the pavement and following the Jenny Craig program for eight months. She talked about her remarkable success to People magazine.

"I'm a different person on the inside and on the outside," the 32-year-old "Eastwick" star told the magazine. "I didn't do it overnight, but I genuinely feel if I can do it, anyone can do it.

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Amazing Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

Rue is not the only star whose slim new figure is turning heads.

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Actor Loses 100 Pounds

Funnyman Drew Carey made it look easy. He cut the junk and dropped 80 pounds, going from a size 44 to a size 33.

"He traded in bread and soda for healthy snacks like fruit and Greek yogurt and he starts off his day with egg whites," Michelle Tan of People magazine told "Good Morning America."

Former President Bill Clinton turned to a vegetarian diet for his daughter Chelsea's wedding.

The bride asked her father to lose 15 pounds, but he exceeded that goal, a total of 23 pounds.

Actor John Goodman also far exceeded expectations, recently showing off his new body to on the "Late Show" with David Letterman.

Goodman's starting weight was 368 pounds, and he lost a whopping 100 pounds.

According to People magazine, Goodman gave up drinking three years ago. He works out several times a week on an elliptical machine and has adopted a sugar-free diet.

Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson has also reached her personal best. The Academy Award winner and new mother was featured this week on the cover of InStyle magazine.

Hudson is Slimmest She's Ever Been

She went from a size 16 to a size 6 by following the Weight Watchers weight loss plan.

"I've never been this size in my adult life," she said in a commercial for the program.

Tan of People magazine said Hudson's weight loss was driven by several factors.

"It wasn't necessarily all about weight, she really is trying to focus on being healthy and also be an inspiration for other young moms," she said.

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