Bride who used to be in Riverdance surprises wedding guests with epic dance

A wedding guest captured the dance on video and shared it on Twitter.

A bride in Ireland pulled off an epic dance surprise at her wedding with a little help from her friends... who all happen to be former Riverdance cast members.

The bride, Yvonne McNelis, traveled the world for years performing with Riverdance, the Grammy Award-winning show that put Irish step-dancing in the spotlight.

A guest at McNelis' wedding last Friday captured the dance on video and shared it on Twitter.

When McNelis and her former costars stepped up to dance a jig at her wedding, her groom, Brian Murphy, a soccer star in the Premier League in England, was "blown away."

"My sisters and I kept the Riverdance performance a surprise for him and his family," McNelis told "Good Morning America." "They were blown away by it and were very proud."

McNelis and her two sisters now run the McNelis Cunningham Boyle School of Irish dancing in Donegal, Ireland. Dancers from the school also performed at the wedding, according to McNelis.