This mother-daughter makeup duo are goals

These two make us want to brush up on our makeup skills.

For Dehsarae Mahra and her 7-year-old daughter, Khayah, story time has an entirely different meaning.

The duo takes fairytale characters to the makeup table for the ultimate mother-daughter bonding experience.

"I would describe our looks to be very fun, very interactive and very unique to us as a mother and daughter duo," Mahra told "Good Morning America." "I get to show the one that I love the most all my tips and tricks and I get to share my passions with her."

From Snow White and the Evil Queen to My Little Pony characters, Mahra and Khayah love using makeup to express themselves and to tell stories.

"We usually do characters," Khayah said. "Mommy's usually the evil side and I'm usually the good side."

Mahra, 29, has been a makeup artist for a little over five years and her daughter is proving to be just as skilled with a makeup brush as she is. Khayah started playing with makeup when she was just 3.

"Khayah is actually a very fast learner," Mahra told "GMA." "She knows how to follow directions really well, which is why it's been super successful doing these makeup tutorials with her."

Mahra and Khayah are quite the social media butterflies with about 10,000 followers on YouTube and over 200,000 on Instagram. But Mahra said their video tutorials go beyond the Instagram likes and YouTube views.

"I think that a lot of people love the looks that we pull off together because we have so much fun in our videos," Mahra said. "I make sure that she doesn't feel the pressure of Instagram likes and comments and I want that experience with her to just be our experience."

Mahra addressed some of the online criticism from those who think that Khayah is too young to wear makeup: It's about personal expression.

"I feel like everybody is so hung up on the fact that she's young and she's wearing makeup," said Mahra. "They don't realize that she's actually having a lot of fun and she's actually being able to express herself in the ways that she wants to."