Spanish teacher connects with students in viral Dubsmash videos: 'I feel like Beyonce at school sometimes'

Dr. Trevor Boffone has 157,000 followers on his Instagram page.

A Texas teacher is arguably on his way to celeb status with his Dubsmashing skills and viral dance moves.

Dr. Trevor Boffone, a Spanish teacher at Bellaire High School in Bellaire, Texas, shares videos online of him dancing with his students.

Boffone said he's always danced with the kids, but after he made an Instagram page, he quickly garnered 157,000 followers.

"I'm doing the same things I've always done, it's just getting more attention," Boffone told "Good Morning America." "My students, they're used to me. They know I'm silly, they know I dance, they know I like TLC and En Vogue and all of those things."

"This sounds ridiculous but I feel like Beyonce at school sometimes," he joked.

Boffone said he started Dubsmashing when he saw his students took an interest in it. He and the kids often choreograph moves together.

Dubsmash is an app for iOS and Android which allows users to lip sync over their favorite audio clips from sections of songs, movies or television.

Students Talia and Takia Palmer told "GMA" they taught Boffone everything he knows and that he creates a bond by dancing with them.

"It's about breaking down barriers between teachers and students and really creating more of a connection in the classroom," Boffone explained.

Boffone said when he walks down the halls, teens will now stop him to snap a selfie or "hit the woah," a popular dance move.