Students erupt as principal slays 'Level Up' challenge during high school pep rally

"I will do anything to make my school a better place."

An assistant principal brought the house down at last week's pep rally as she nailed Ciara's "Level Up" challenge.

Ranesa Shipman joined the high school dance team on Sept. 14 where she performed the viral dance inside Wilson Central High School's gymnasium in Lebanon, Tennessee.

"It was phenomenal," Shipman told "Good Morning America" today. "When they asked me for the opportunity to dance with them, I was game. I was all go. I will do anything to make my school a better place. I love my kids."

Earlier this year, Shipman delighted students as she dressed like wrestler Ric Flair at the school's first pep rally.

She was such a hit that the dance team coach, Kate Stricklin, approached her with an opportunity to work with the girls.

Sticklin told "GMA" that Shipman learned the "Level Up" dance in just two practices. And last Friday, the dance team surprised the whole school as Shipman broke it down as the star of their routine.

"They erupted," Stricklin said of the students. "Nobody realized it was her, everyone was so excited. It was a fun day for sure."

Stricklin shared the video on her Facebook page, where it was viewed over 28,000 times.

Even Ciara herself shared the video of the performance on her Twitter page.

"Love This!" the singer tweeted earlier today.

Shipman said she is looking forward to more dance performances with her students.

"I will perform, do cartwheels and jump through fiery hoops," she said. "If I am able to turn a bad day into a great day, I will do it."