The next stop is ... marriage: Military couple weds on New York City subway

Robert Musso and Frances Denmark met in the Army and said "I do" on the Q train.

For most New Yorkers, the subway is the last place they want to be. But for Robert Musso and Frances Denmark, it holds a special meaning.

The couple, who met in 2016 while serving in the Army, wed on the New York City subway on Saturday, May 11, WABC reported. The newlyweds were accompanied by 12 family members, a justice of the peace and several passengers.

They boarded in Brooklyn and exchanged vows while their train crossed into Manhattan over the Manhattan Bridge.

As many couples know, finding a venue can be quite a task. After discussing many options, Musso proposed the idea of getting married on the subway.

"For me the subway is really cool," he told "GMA." "It will take you anywhere ... the epicenter of New York beauty, the rivers, bridges and scenery around you."

Denmark had a different impression of the idea.

"It took me a few days to warm up to it," she told "GMA." "It's dirty and I didn't want to do it [at first]."

Although hesitant, she eventually came around to the idea beacuse of how "unique" it is.

Musso and Denmark had both been deployed to Afghanistan, but after they returned to the U.S., they decided to move to New York City.

Musso left the military in 2018, but Denmark remains active in the Army Reserves and is currently studying special education at New York University.

Their marriage is on the right track and the newlyweds plan to visit Paris this fall for their honeymoon.