How to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring

This guide will help you pick the perfect bling for your ring.
3:28 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for How to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring
I'm totally clueless when it comes to engage in humans. Larry and we had to give you the 101 half perfect. Let's start. With doubling its. Madonna may be grows best friend but while shopping for one or forced CC BS they Stamford. Karen. Clarity and color. The diamonds come from leases of flight. Since diamonds have styles are all different unique characteristics in each one determine the stone tile. There's rounds Asher. Emeril. Overall. He's. Here. Meeting. And says and hardships. Next Tara refers to the diamonds weight not its sides. We measure these precious stones from carriage and points. So one carat diamond is equal to a hundred points. No carrier waits have different appearances depending on the shape of the stone ages. Pay attention of a larger carrier with the court that can appear tinier than smaller Kerry. With the highest country. Gotten the necks of the foresees is clarity. The professions found inside a dime in determine its clinic. The rocks with a few was flawless score the highest Claire degrees. There are several different grades at diamond can get along clarity scale. Don't worry it's totally natural for stones to have supplies. The likelihood of even finding a dime in without any imperfections. Is pretty much impossible. NB a rare find. Finally the fourth see this coming. For white diamonds. The less color it has the more expensive there will be. The grades go from deep to Cain with. K. Now that you can tell you stone. Lists says that Iraq. Some of the most popular settings are prime. Tiffany. Pants eight K loan. Get these are. One of the go to settings is a classic run for solitaire. FYI upon is a little metal group that hosts a dime in place. Most hearings in this setting we'll have 46 pounds. You can get it's if he style setting at most Jewelers but unless it comes in the company's little blue box. They won't be an exact Tiffany. Panday is transferred to paid. As in this setting is paved with lots and lots of diamonds. They do we can see Kayla with this it. This trendy sound places diamonds around the sinners don't make in the middle rock pop. For an elegant and classic move. Take a peek at that gets these Wilson. Despite the arts is a look at the east room this engagement ring uses arches of metal to hold a diamond in place. Who nano. Okay now Richard Herman expert its holder be ready to rock and buy an engagement ring remembered. Whenever blamed Ukraine but imperfect because it's coming from you.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"This guide will help you pick the perfect bling for your ring.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61004445","title":"How to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring","url":"/GMA/Style/video/choose-perfect-diamond-engagement-ring-61004445"}