8-year-old opens 24-hour food pantry for his birthday

Eagle Jayagoda launched "Little Free Food Table" near his home.

A few months ago, Eagle Jayagoda launched "Little Free Food Table" near his home. The miniature food pantry was open on Sundays and stocked with items for people facing tough times.

"Eagle feels like doing his part in the community," his mother, Achala Jayagoda, of Richmond, California, told "Good Morning America." "You don't have to be rich. I want him to [understand] how you can help even if you don't have a lot."

Jayagoda said that for his eighth birthday on Aug. 24, her son wanted to give back. So, his food giveaway table was transformed into a 24-hour food pantry

Eagle, a third grade student at St. Johns Catholic School in San Francisco, recycles bottles to raise money to buy the food.

Since launching his project, Eagle has been glad to see people taking items.

"It's a small thing that turned out positive," his mother said. "Eagle is super happy."

This isn't the first time Eagle has pitched in during COVID-19. He and his family teamed up with the Bay Area Sri Lankan community to send a food truck to first responders and a homeless shelter.

In the past, he's sent backpacks to children in Sri Lanka -- where his parents were born.