Keke Palmer reveals embarrassing childhood moment

PHOTO: Keke Palmer laughs with her mom Sharon on "Strahan And Sara."PlayWalter Kim/ABC
WATCH Keke Palmer reveals why she slapped Kofi Siriboe

Sara Haines and Michael Strahan put their new "Strahan And Sara" summer co-host in the hot seat and asked Keke Palmer what her most embarrassing moment was as a kid. The actress revealed her mom caught her "grinding" at a party.

“I started dancing and I see my mom walking through the party,” Palmer said. “She grabs me up, takes me into the house and makes me sit there until the party is over. In front of everyone!”

Palmer’s mom, Sharon Palmer, confirmed the story.

"I regret doing it like that because it embarrassed her and I found out years later that it traumatized her,” Palmer’s mom said. “I just felt as a woman I needed to say something because they are going to grow up as grown women thinking that this behavior is correct.

"I just felt like I needed to be a mom,” she added

Palmer went on to say that the moment followed her into her adult life when she was dancing with actor Kofi Siriboe at a party.

"I remember my boy Kofi...after that, a couple of years later, he tried to grind on me at a party and I slapped him. Sorry Kofi!"