Aerie brings inclusive model casting to a new level

The lingerie brand features a model in a wheelchair, with an ostomy and more.

Aerie, the lingerie brand from American Eagle, has rolled out a campaign featuring models from a variety of backgrounds.

In photos scattered throughout the company's website, women model clothing from a wheelchair, with an ostomy, and wearing an insulin pump.

There is a woman who has vitiligo, one using arm crutches, and one showing off her body hair.

"Look at this disability representation people!!! Also look at me because I cant believe it's actually me so yeah," tweeted Aerie model Abby Sams. "[Aerie's] work in chronic illness and disability representation this campaign was REAL and AMAZING."

To cast the models, the company asked social media users to share videos explaining why they wanted to be a part of the latest #AerieREAL campaign. Almost 2,000 women responded; 57 women of different backgrounds, ages and body types were ultimately selected.

"As a brand, Aerie has been a leader in empowering women and celebrating inclusivity and body positivity since our launch of #AerieREAL in 2014," Jennifer Foyle, Aerie's global brand president, said in a statement. "Our newest bra models are part of our brand's ongoing commitment to show real, authentic and unretouched women, who are at the core of everything that we do."

The response has been overwhelming. Those on social media have applauded the company for photographing women -- as they naturally are -- who aren't often featured in major ad campaigns. Several people on Twitter wrote that seeing themselves or those they love reflected in the photos made them emotional.

"Seeing this from the @Aerie website means so much to me. This model not only is beautiful, but has the same type of disease as me," one woman wrote. "I love seeing diverse representation."

Added another: "I literally cried when I saw this today. Thank you @Aerie for making my daughter a little less self-conscious about her diabetes #realpeople #tidlookslikeme."