Ashley Graham announces pregnancy with husband Justin Ervin

The couple announced their pregnancy on their ninth wedding anniversary.

August 14, 2019, 11:17 AM

Model Ashley Graham officially announced that she has a baby on the way.

Along with her husband Justine Ervin, Graham released the news of her pregnancy on Instagram in a sweet post Wednesday.

"Nine years ago today, I married the love of my life," she wrote in a post.

She continued, "It has been the best journey with my favorite person in the world! Today, we are feeling so blessed, grateful and excited to celebrate with our GROWING FAMILY! Happy anniversary, @mrjustinervin. Life is about to get even better."

In their adorable Insta-video together, you see Ervin rub Graham's stomach, and they both smile while saying, "Surprise!"

When Graham shared her video, Ervin posted a series of photos of the duo as well as one of him holding their ultrasound photo.

"To my forever love and my daily inspiration," he wrote. "Happy anniversary @ashleygraham. These 9 years have played out like a lifetime. I guess it’s because my life really started once you came into it. Now that we’ve made a life together, let’s make a life together. I love you and I love us. All of us..."

Graham left a comment of appreciation on Ervin's post saying, "You make me so happy. Thank you for these nine years!! I’m so excited for our next chapter together!!"

Congrats to the gorgeous couple and their upcoming bundle of joy.