9 chic snow boots to help you step in style all winter

PHOTO: Winter BootsPlayPhoto Illustration by ABC News
WATCH How to style winter boots with any outfit

We are in the trenches of winter, and while some like to stock up on milk and bread, others of us are trying to figure out the best boots to wear while trekking through incoming snowstorms -- without compromising our style ... too much.

While there might not be anything out there quite like your sky-high designer stilettos, there are options out there that totally beat the look of the big bulky space age-looking boots of yesterday.

Today, there are options ranging from patent leather textures to cool colorful tie-ups that you actually won't mind wearing along with your outfit all day.

From the shiny burgundy boots designed in Stockholm from & Other Stories to the black-studded leather flats from Sam Edelman that give off all the rocker-chic vibes, there is something for everyone at every price point.

Below we have pulled some of the best on the market that you can shop right now.

Get ready to brave weather storms, but still make it fashion!

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