Iman opens up about finding the perfect person in David Bowie for InStyle 30th Anniversary Issue

The model also reflected on changes in fashion and beauty through the years.

June 12, 2024, 4:36 PM

Iman is featured on not one but three extraordinary covers for InStyle's 30th Anniversary Issue.

The supermodel is seen in three distinct looks, photographed by AB+DM, wearing everything from voluminous curls and fitted dresses to a sleek pixie cut and luxurious jewels.

Each unique cover includes different cover lines as well: "Fashion's Evolution," "The State of Beauty," and "The Future of an Icon."

In cover interviews with Precious Lee, Aurora James and Keke Palmer, Iman discussed the profound changes she's seen in fashion, beauty and culture throughout the past three decades.

Iman is the cover star of InStyle's 30th Anniversary Issue.

In an accompanying video interview, Iman also opened up about finding the perfect partner in her husband David Bowie.

Speaking of Bowie, who died in 2016 after battling cancer, Iman advised others not to ignore their loved ones' small, caring gestures.

"For example, my husband … the first week we met, we were walking down the street and my shoelaces came undone," she said in the video. "And he got to his knees and tied my shoelace. That is my perfect person. But let's not ignore also the big gestures, like the perfect croc Birkin bag. I got both."

She went on to share how she corrects people who refer to Bowie as her "late husband."

"He is my husband. Not my late husband. He’s ever present with me. It's because he has left an impact in my life. He was the perfect person for me and I'm happy that I was able to experience that in my lifetime. And I wish for everybody to have that one time in their life.”

Iman is InStyle's 30th Anniversary Issue cover star.

In the cover interview, Iman reflected on everything from crucial moments in her career to being a mother in the public eye.

When thinking back to her very first modeling job, Iman recalled being asked if she had brought along her own makeup. When she said no, she said the makeup artist blended together whatever shades he had on hand and applied them to her skin. "I looked, literally, gray," she recalled.

She continued, "I still say the gods of beauty were looking after me, because the photographs were black and white -- that hides all sins."

Iman recalled thinking her career could potentially be cut short. "My image is my currency, so I better have control of that," she remembered thinking, recounting how she subsequently went out and bought "any product that had a pigment close to her skin tone" and tested them to ensure they photographed OK.

The model also dove into her personal life and spoke about being a mom with a very high profile.

"People expect [things] from you," she said. "They expect you to take a photograph with them, to look beautiful. They see you without makeup in the street with your kid, and they're like, 'Oh, she didn't look so good.' Well, who cares? I'm with my kid. You can't satisfy everybody. You can't make everybody happy. And so, you just make yourself and your children happy."

InStyle's 30th Anniversary cover is available now here.