Lady Gaga's hairstylist shows us how to achieve 'hair goals'

"Collaborating with Gaga is absolutely never boring," Frederic Aspira says.

It takes a lot to make the Haus of Gaga tick. Behind every meat dress, Muppet ensemble and hair bow is a man with a plan.

This is Frederic Aspiras, the hairstylist who has been Gaga's co-pilot in creating some of her most iconic looks.

"Collaborating with Gaga is absolutely never boring," Aspiras told "Good Morning America" with a laugh. "She always puts everyone on her toes and it's exciting every time we have to do an event or a movie or a music video."

Gaga doesn't follow trends, she sets them. Which is why for New York Fashion Week, we tapped Aspiras to show us what Gaga-inspired hairstyle will be making waves on and off the runway.

"The Grammys look that we did this year is a style that a lot of women can wear," Aspiras said. "It's very sexy, it embodies rock 'n' roll and it embodies effortlessness and confidence and I think it's important to show during Fashion Week that women can be strong and successful with a little bid of edge."

From Gaga's secret hair care weapon to the creative collaboration process, Aspiras gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how things work in the Haus of Gaga.

Before getting to the root of hairstyling, Aspiras loves having a consultation with the artist he is working with.

"Normally what I do with Gaga is we sit and we talk about what we're going to do," he explained. "Whenever we do a red carpet or we go to Fashion Week, we collaborate."

How to create a Gaga-esque inspired hairdo for NYFW

For our demo, Aspiras tapped model Lumia Nocito and worked with Joico's line of hair care products which he often uses on Gaga. To start, he always likes to work with clean hair, so by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner on Nictoto's locks.

"This amps your hair up," Aspiras explained. "It't going to keep that fullness and that style lasting all night long."

Aspiras applies his secret weapon.

Gaga's hair goes through a lot. Many of her iconic looks involve bleach, wigs and extensions.

"We change Gaga's hair quite often. Her real hair, her wigs, that can take a toll," Aspiras, who is a brand ambassador for Joico hair care products, told "GMA."

Her secret ingredient? Use a heat protectant.

"Having the right product can be a savior and what I love about Joico is that it helps protect hair."

Aspiras recommends adding a volumizing styler like Joico JoiFULL Volumizing Styler to your routine.

"It helps to protect your hair from heat, it helps to keep the volume and the texture. It has 24-hour style retention," he said.

He applies a couple of pumps from root to end on damp hair.

Aspiras heats things up.

Next, Aspiras runs the blow dryer through damp hair and brushes it out with a boar bristle paddle brush.

After applying a few more spritzes of styler, Aspiras begins to separate hair into sections to prep for curling.

"What I was inspired by for this look was Gaga's look for the Grammys," Aspiras said. "We did an edgier, rock'n'roll vibe. It's a '70s inspired look."

Aspiras is the king of the curling iron.

Time for the fun part ... the curling process!

"We're going to curl the hair and then pin and stack it up," Aspiras said.

Aspiras curls each section of hair away from the face and then pins it to let it cool.

"Definitely before you start curling your hair you want to use product that helps keep the curl and the retention of it," Aspiras said. "Using foundation products before you start styling is key."

Unleash the curls!

Aspiras unpins the curls that were resting at the top of the head and blows them out with a blow dryer to break the curls up.

"I'm taking a large-tooth comb and combing through gently and kind of keeping the wave of the hair," he said.

Aspiras adds a little grit.

Gaga's stylist likes to add a little dry shampoo to the finished look to help with the hair's texture and volume.

"A finishing product that we'll be using is the Weekend Hair," said Aspiras. "It'l give you more of that texture and more of an undone finish."

Speaking of an "undone finish," we are gaga about the final look!