Yara Shahidi shares makeup-free selfie with message on accepting her blemishes

"I actively remind myself to not sweat the details " Shahidi said.

Actress Yara Shahidi recently gave fans a raw makeup-free look at her skin, and her photos are inspiring many.

The "Grownish" star posted a barefaced selfie Sunday on Instagram where she's happily smirking at the camera.

"Happy Sunday from me and my skin that I've committed to love in every and all states," she wrote.

She continued, "With travel + work + 24/7 in makeup I have to actively remind myself to not sweat the details (aka the blemishes) and reframe it as a reminder to make sure I'm taking care of myself."

Immediately after posting, lots of people complimented Shahidi's transparency and felt empowered by it. The post has received more than 418,000 likes.

"You and your skin are beautiful with or without a stitch of makeup sis," journalist Elaine Welteroth wrote in a comment.

While we don't always see makeup-free selfies of Shahidi, she's no stranger to posting great angles of herself.

At the beginning of November, she posted a fun video of herself with rainbow-like eyeshadow.

Also in September, she posted a fun photo wearing a face mask and showing off her voluminous curls.

We can't wait to see what this beauty will post next.