Kids Have All the Fun

Though the longest day of the year has passed, there is still a lot of summer left. Keep your kids off the couch and out of house this summer with the help of these summertime toys.

Super Soaker Bottle Shot by Hasbro

(Ages 5 years and up/Approximate Retail Price: $7.99)

Convert almost any beverage bottle into an on-the-go water supply for Super Soaker fun with the new Super Soaker Bottle Shot blaster. Simply fill a clean bottle with water, screw it onto the universal connection on the blaster and you're ready for water battle! The Super Soaker Bottle Shot blaster features the awesome hydro-powered performance and can blast up to 20 feet. The Super Soaker Bottle Shot blaster is compatible with most water bottles up to two liters.


Super Soaker: Sneak Strike by Hasbro

(Ages 6 years and up/Approximate Retail Price: $12.99)

Be the stealthiest water shooter in the neighborhood with the Super Soaker: Sneak Strike. With its compact size, no one will see it coming.

Sidewalk Chalk by Crayola

Sidewalk Chalk is a great way for kids to express their artistic side while living up driveways and sidewalks. Crayola has three different kinds of sidewalk chalk to fit any artists needs. The Crayola Super Brush lets kids channel their inner Picasso and easily paint fluid strokes on the ground. The Rainbow Rake allows kids to paint with five different colors at the same time. With the 3-D Activity Set kids can draw their own colorful 3-D pictures.

Nerf Peyton Manning Vortex Mega Howler

(Ages 5 years and up/Approximate Retail Price: $9.99)

Grab the ball and go long! The Nerf Peyton Manning Vortex Mega Howler is the ultimate football to get your team to the end zone. For higher flying and farther throwing, a three-fin tail provides long distance aerodynamics and finger grips help you get a handle on your game. As you watch your pass sail through the air, the cool whistling sound will let everyone know your team is on its way to a touchdown.

The Pulse Kick 'n Go by Bravo Sports

(Ages 8 years and up/Approximate Retail Price: $119.99)

Bravo Sports reengineers the original scooter, with a high-tech design using a unique kick pedal self-propulsion system to help riders achieve speed and maintain maneuverability.


(Ages 6 years and up/Approximate Retail Price: $29.99)

Kids can play this tethered racket ball game from Spin Master almost anywhere. This two-player game assembles without tools in moments and the portable case doubles as a base. Perfect for traveling.

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